Little Moments


Amanda Maloney
Listening House Staff Member

Listening House is all about the little moments to me.

Little moments that give us all hope – staff, guests and volunteers alike.

Little moments can be a happy thing like wearing a silly outfit, getting a lead on a job, or showing kindness toward a fellow guest.

Little moments can be a bittersweet thing like accepting responsibility for a bad situation, opening up about a painful past, or apologizing for inappropriate behavior.

Little moments may not seem as significant as when a guest gets housing or beats an addiction, but they matter. They matter because sharing these brief encounters opens a door between guests and staff.

Little moments – when someone feels cared for – motivate guests to accomplish bigger things.

It is important to cherish little moments. After all, life isn’t about the destination; it is about the journey.

I have learned to savor little moments as I share the journey with our guests at Listening House.

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