COVID updates


We’re OPEN! Call for an appointment or ring the doorbell…

In recent months, we searched for a way that we could serve our guests safely given the COVID-19 pandemic. We had many conversations with the city and county leaders as well as with outreach workers. We heard over and over that those who stay outside need a place to wash up, and get clean clothes, nonperishable food and water. We decided the way to do that safely was to offer services by appointment and we began to serve that way on April 30. All guests are screened for symptoms, guests and staff wear masks, we regularly sanitize ourselves, guests, and the space, and the number of people in Listening House at any one time is limited.

Appointments are available Monday – Thursday (mornings and afternoons), as well as on Friday mornings.

Services provided at this time include: soap, towels, and other hygiene products necessary to clean up using the sink in our private bathrooms, hygiene kits, clean clothes, including socks and underwear, coffee, tea, non-perishable snack food to eat here and take with, procurement of birth certificates, other services on an as-needed basis (ask for what you need when you call).

Guests, case managers, outreach workers, and the sheriff’s department can call or email to make an appointment. The sheriff’s department may be able to help transport to Listening House as well. Call 651-227-5911 or email for an appointment.

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