Julie Borgerding
Program Director

“Love happens in community when there is mutual vulnerability.” Anonymous

“What do you like about coming to Listening House?” I asked our guest, James. He replied, “Because it’s our house too.” His answer reminded me of this quote because it reflects a collective attitude that we work hard to embrace at Listening House.

Everyone has rights, but also responsibilities. We all have to listen, respect, and help one another. Like any relationship, if a boundary is crossed there will be consequences. Some guests have been asked to leave, some staff and volunteers have figured out it is not the place for them. We ALL have had to say we are sorry at one point or another.

During annual evaluations, staff consistently comments that the most wonderful and most difficult part about working at Listening House is the same thing: vulnerability. None of us can hide here, nor should we want to – actually, openness is one of the greatest gifts we can share. The founders’ of Listening House wanted to create a place where people could listen to one another and feel a sense of connection. As we celebrated our 31th anniversary on December 8th and gave thanks that their dream is still a reality. The “house” is all of ours.

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