2014 September


John B.

I had to get out of St. Louis and came here. Listening House has helped me a lot. If I needed clothes, they were there for me; if I needed food, there was a meal for me; if I needed work, staff would help me, and if I needed to sleep, I could lay down and rest. I can always come here, relax, and have a good laugh every once in a while.


David J.

After being in prison for 12 years, there was nothing for me. I had made plans and came out with $2,500, but made a bad investment in myself that didn’t work out. When I got a job, what little benefits I had were taken; it was a Catch 22. Then in April 2012, I became homeless.

People tend to treat you poorly when they shouldn’t. There’s a special talent to surviving on $203 a month and still maintain some realm of dignity. It takes a lot of suffering. As much as I’d like to say something negative about Listening House, without it we’d be out of luck. So, I’m grateful for it.


Michael F.

I became homeless when I got laid off and couldn’t pay my rent. I used to live upstairs, but didn’t know about Listening House. I asked my roommate, Oscar, “what’s this about?” He told me and came with me to get a cup of coffee. I still like coming to Listening House. I never forget where I came from ‘cause I can fall right back into the trap. They changed my life drastically and believe there’s some good in everyone. I think so, too.


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