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How to volunteer?

Volunteers are the jewels in our crown! We tailor opportunities to match the volunteer. A tour of the facility and a visit with Julie, the volunteer coordinator, allows potential volunteers to better decide if Listening House is the place for them. Volunteers can work directly with guests, or can work behind the scenes. Special skill sets, like haircutting, massage or office work are wonderful, but if you simply like people and want to meet new people, Listening House is an interesting place to pay a visit. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and older.

We ask for a 3-month commitment and an orientation is provided.

Volunteer Stats for 2014

127 volunteers
10,000 hours

Volunteer Contact:

To volunteer at Listening House, please contact our Program Director, Julie Borgerding:

sock-drive2 toiletries

Make a Gift

Nearly 75% of annual revenue is provided through individual giving and sponsorship of funding events. This level of generosity allowed Listening House to extend hours and increase the level of services as need arose. To say staff could not do what we do without donors is an understatement.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Listening House. To give, click on a donate button below or scroll down to review many other giving options.


Here are options to donate:

By Mail

Listening House of St. Paul, 215 Ninth Street West, St. Paul, MN 55102

By Phone

Request Amanda Therrien
We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express

United Way

Did you know that you can designate Listening House in your pledge to United Way? Simply enter our name and address (215 Ninth Street West St. Paul, MN 55102) on the form.

Honors & Memorials

Download the gift form here.

Corporate Sponsorships

Download the gift form here.

Stock Gifts

Contact us for transfer information: 651.227.5911
Request Amanda Therrien

Employee Matching

Double the power of your gift, download the gift form here.


Download the gift form here.

Any questions can be answered by Rosemarie, Executive Director of Listening House. Please contact her at 651-227-5911 or email:

Donor Privacy Policy

Board Approval February 2014
Listening House maintains the highest level of respect for the privacy of donors. Our donor privacy policy guides staff and volunteers on how they may and may not use personal donor information to honor the rights of contributors.

Listening House collects and uses personal information from donors that includes: name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and donor comments when a donor voluntarily provides it to us. In addition, Listening House keeps a record of each donor’s giving history. This information is kept on file for IRS purposes and is also used in our development process to analyze overall giving patterns as a way to make accurate budget projections. Listening House does not sell, trade, rent or share names, addresses, e-mail contact or telephone numbers of our donors. Donor contact information is used only for the following purposes:
• To prepare donation receipts
• To thank donors
• To inform donors about news, events, or other Listening House activities
• To perform internal analysis and/or maintain record keeping
• To prepare reports for relevant federal or state agencies (these reports are not for public inspection)
• To contact donors about changes to this policy

As a rule, Listening House publicly recognizes a donor by publishing a donor’s name unless the donor explicitly requests anonymity when making a donation by mail or online.

Needed Items


Dry Creamer


(Travel size)
Hair gel
Feminine Hygiene: pads, pantiliners, & tampons

Foot Care

Foot powder
Epsom salt
Shoe liners
Shoe laces, adult
White athletic socks (gently used or new)


Paper napkins
Ceramic mugs
Back packs/athletic bags
Grocery bags (especially plastic)
Reading glasses
Popular novels
Pens & pencils
Old/new bath towels
Face towels
Dish cloths

Clothing Needs

(Seasonal, adult clothing only, please)

T-shirts (Med-3x)
Sweatshirts (Med-3x)
Denim pants – All adult sizes, men & women
Casual slacks (khaki, etc.)
Men’s belts (all sizes)
Underwear – All adult sizes, men & women
Lightweight jackets/rain ponchos
Winter jackets (beginning in October)
Casual shirts/blouses/golf shirts
Athletic shoes of all sizes
Adult, white athletic socks

Financial Support

The money box!
Credit Card
Gift in Honor

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors come in all ages and sizes; they are the people who tell others about us. Here are ways YOU can be an ambassador to the Listening House.

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