Staff and Board

Listening House Staff

(Rosemarie Reger-Rumsey and Julie Borgerding)

Rosemarie Reger-Rumsey
Executive Director
“Being part of this community reminds me daily of how easy it is to take our blessings for granted. Clean socks and underwear, grabbing a change of season coat, the warmth of home and people to listen to my ideas and thoughts. Listening House was and remains a beautiful concept: Create a space where anyone can belong. It is a place where the dark side of life abuts the best side of humanity! Where human weakness does not exclusively define someone, and where people flourish by being kind to one another.”

Cheryl Peterson

Cheryl Peterson
Executive Director

Julie Borgerding
Program Director
“I have served people who are homeless for over 20 years, and each experience taught me relationship is the greatest instigator for healing and change. In Listening House, we all can grow and change.”

Kevin O’Connor
Executive Assistant

Associate Staff

Ed Hilbrich
Direct Service

Elisabeth Bott
Direct Service

Board of Directors 2017 – 2018

Seth Tribon (Treasurer)
US Bank, VP Note Sale Coordinator

Amy Thompson (Vice-Chair)
McGough Construction, Risk Manager

Thomas Pantalion (Director)
US Bank, Assoc General Counsel

Ron Townsend (Director)
St. Paul Police, Sgt

Shandon Halland (Director)
Healtheast, Psychiatric RN/NP

Diane McCann (Chair)
Girl Scouts USA, Sales/Development

Michael McCann (Director)
Amesbury Truth, Sr. VP of Sales

Mary Makowski (Secretary)
Solidity Financial, VP/Partner

Martha Baumbach (Director)
RBC Wealth Mgt., Director Corp. Relations

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